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A Walk Through a Slide

Incunabula: The Early Printed Books
For our Pecha Kucha assignment my group had the topic “Collaboration and Co-Authorship.”  The specific topic that I was in charge of was co-authorship and collaboration prior to web 2.0. One of the subjects that I decided to do for a slide was, “Incunabula: The Early Printed Books.”  Incunabula books were breathtaking artistic perfection of books, pamphlets or other documents that was printed, and not handwritten, before the start of the 16th century in Europe.  Incunabula books can now be found in more than 15 languages.  

I chose this picture because, it shows how the incunabula books were the first printed books at the top and through generations and generations how they were passed on.  Then following the vines it shows how technology has improved in recent years.  Lastly, the vines ends with the IPad technology that is familiarly used today starting from young kids to old generations still around.  This compliments our group project because it shows where collaboration all began from the beginning to where it is today. I chose to cite the text I did because, it informs readers of the first incunabulum printed which was the Gutenberg Bible of 1455.  How I see this slide as part of the whole of my 5-slide-presentation because, it shows one of five examples how people worked together to make technology better with the tools that were around back then.  Personally I found it interesting how much these exclusive early printed incunabula’s goes for today.  While doing some research I found one book that is for sale for $4,600.  If I had a chance to revise this slide what I would have done differently would be to have a better image of how what the first Gutenberg Bible looked like.  

What I learned about my Blog Topic

For the blog topic my group chose “Co-Authorship and Collaboration within Web 2.0”.  When agreeing to choose this topic at first I was hesitant because I didn’t know much about the topic.  Not knowing much about the topic I knew though I was going to learn interesting information that would be wise to know in my future.  When my group had to look up an article about co-authorship I really had no idea what to type in the search bar except “what is co-authorship?”.  Typing that I got plenty of links to different dictionary websites but one of the sites that caught my eye was, “How to Co-Author a Novel”.  This reading explained step by step the good and hard times in to succeeding putting a novel together with two authors. Other readings that were assigned help me understanding my topic better as well.

Overall reading Web 2.0 articles, talking about it in class and reading my groups blogs about this topic it made more clear not just more clearer about my topic but for this third module as a whole.  I know in my future co-authorship and collaboration will come up and I am glad that I read all the pieces I was supposed to because it not, I would have been completely lost of what my topic is about.  Being assigned the Pecha Kucha I had no idea what to expect how our presentation was going to turn out.  I believe that my group successfully explained what co-authorship and Collaboration within Web 2.0 is using Pecha Kucha.  I believe that this project is a good way to teach classmates about any topic they are learning about.  


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