No Facebook for one week? Piece of cake, well, maybe.

ImageOn Friday, November 29, 2013 I gave up Facebook for one week.  Well, that one week felt like one painful YEAR.  Even though it was very easy to access Facebook on my laptop or through my Facebook app on my phone, I wanted to challenge myself to succeed in this assignment.  Let’s just say I believe I was able to complete 85% of this challenge…and that’s a pretty good percentage for an avid Facebook user.  The other 15% was me walking to class and accidentally opening my Facebook app on my phone or seeing the site up on my friends computer.  I’m glad with the results and over all it was nice to take a breather from Facebook.

This assignment was very, very tough to succeed in because sadly Facebook is an important way in my life to keep in contact with extended family members or my friends and also to keep up with important news.  I’ve learned that it has easily become a habit to open up my computer when in the library or my room and the first tab I open up is a social media site which is Facebook.  Another factor is that I can easily get side tracked when seeing a post or picture on my newsfeed, I end up an hour later catching myself off track and not doing what I’m supposed to be doing.  The week I decided to do this couldn’t be planned any worse.  It was Thanksgiving break when all my friends were home for the weekend and I’m sure they were all posting away fun pictures of what they did the night before.  Another factor that was hard not to click and check was the notifications that were being sent that someone has posted a message on my wall, likes a phone, or sends me a personal message.  Having 25 plus notifications that I couldn’t check, now that was annoying.  With these media sites being able to notify users thats a way for a person to be able to keep up with their profiles.

Working on this assignment, it really showed how addicted I am to Facebook daily.  It all starts when I wakeup and I am being notified from my phone that I have things to check on Facebook. Some of these notifications were from my Aunt asking me to babysit my cousins.  I was glad she was able to contact me by sending me text because if she didn’t I would have missed an opportunity to spend time with my family.  If not having a Facebook account I know for a fact that I would lose touch with people that I don’t see often especially my family members that live in Switzerland.

Lastly with the week without Facebook coming to an end, I have to confess that I caught on not waking up and needing to lay in bed for ten to fifteen minutes scrolling down my newsfeed to see what everyone was doing that morning.  Another thought about Facebook is how much privacy a person can actually have on their Facebook page.  My Facebook page is set so private that when a person that isn’t my friend and they try to click on my pictures or anything, they fail to do so because of the privacy settings I have up.  I am totally against having my page out there for anyone to see.  Its kind of creepy and you never know who out there is looking at your information. I believe everyone with a serious job should not have anything on their page that would get them fired.  I have heard on the news plenty of stories how teachers got fired because of pictures they were tagged in were not appropriate for students or parents to see.  Better safe than sorry!


One response to “No Facebook for one week? Piece of cake, well, maybe.

  1. I felt the same way as you once I did this assignment I realized that I am sort of addicted to facebook. Fortunately, I deleted the app off my phone as well so I would not log on. Since the assignment I’m rarely on Facebook now a days because that week really detoxed me! Now I have to work on Instagram.

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