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Receiving this Twitter assignment, looking at the directions of what we had to do, it didn’t seem that hard because I was used to having my own Twitter assignment.  On my personal twitter account I tweet several times a day by, re-tweeting my friends tweets, posting my thoughts about my day and keeping up with the news following CNN and Fox News.  Well, a week into the assignment I realized that even though I had my private account I needed to make sure I was keeping up with my class twitter account as well.  With finals right around the corner and four other classes that I needed to keep with that work as well, at times I felt overwhelmed.  But in the final days of this assignment coming to an end, I learned a lot of useful information that my classmates tweeted and also other people that I decided to follow.

During this assignment, we needed to live tweet our thoughts about the articles that we needed to read for that week.  Reading the articles and seeing what my classmates thoughts were about the articles, it made me think more differently about specifics topics in the reading.  I believe I learned more than I expected having easy, helpful tweets to read about the articles.  Reading the articles, there were also videos the our Professor added for us to watch.  There was one short 17 minute film that stuck out that I thought every person in my generation can relate to called, “Noah”.  This film follows the onscreen life of a young adult male.  Here, people can watch what Noah does on the computer and how his relationship with girlfriend came crumbling down.  In the end, what Noah was capable of doing on internet, it was his own fault that his now ex-girlfriend won’t talk to him anymore.  It was interesting to read my classmates tweets about how they felt about the film and how it wasn’t just me that could relate to Noah.  It was such an interesting short film that I actually shared it on my personal twitter account and forwarded it to my siblings and parents to watch! http://www.fastcocreate.com/3017108/you-need-to-see-this-17-minute-film-set-entirely-on-a-teens-computer-screen

The second part of out Twitter assignment was to choose and follow one person in my professional field outside of class that we would want to re-tweet and share our thoughts with them.  One of my future goals in life is to be a Kindergarten teacher.  Having the goal, I decided to follow some people from the education field.  One twitter account that I got a lot of helpful tips from was, “Educational News.” This account provided me news about education around the world.  I believe this account can be very helpful to any teacher that has a twitter account and it should be recommended to follow. https://twitter.com/educationblog   I believe having this assignment in this class was very helpful to me and my classmates.  As a whole we all were familiar with twitter so it was fun to communicate with each other via Twitter rather than texting or using other social medias.


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  1. I also followed Education News and they did have a lot of great information to offer us. I found it easy to connect to our classmates with the readings, but when it came to the professionals i was more hesitant. Keeping up with the three tweets a day was sometimes difficult for me also due to the amount of work from my other classes, but i managed to stay on top of it. In the end, i really liked the twitter assignment as well. It was challenging but it helped my focus more on the professional side of my life rather than the pleasure.

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