Pecha Kucha What?

 A Walk Through A Slide

My groups presentation for our Pecha Kucha dealt with authorship and collaboration. My part of the Pecha Kucha presentation explained the different examples of modern co-authorship and collaboration. I set up five slides for my groups with some examples of co- authorships and collaboration. The first thing I did was I picked five images that dealt with my topic of co- authorship and collaboration and then decided what I wanted to say about all five of them.

One slide that I thought all clicked together well was my slide on Google docs. I think my picture, quote, and what I said all blended together good. It explained the point I was trying to bring across to the class. The picture I picked ( as seen below) had a picture of five people all connected to one document, which is what Google docs is.  I thought this picture did a great job at showing what Google docs is.



The quote I decided to use this part of my narrative I used was from the YouTube video, ” The Machine is using us.”  The part I used from this YouTube was, ” Web 2.0 is linking people.. people sharing, trading, and collaborating.” This was a great quote that complimented my quote,  my picture, google docs, and what my topic was  about. 

This was just one slide of four examples of modern co-authorship and collaboration. It helped introduce the next three examples I used because many people know Google Docs, but the other three I used weren’t so known. I think it gave everyone a general idea of what I was talking about. If I could revise this slide, I would maybe rephrase what I personally said, so I wasn’t rushing when speaking to hit the 20 second mark.

Overall, I thought my pecha kucha presentation went better than I thought. I thought all my slides clicked together and actually made sense. I didn’t think they did when I first started. I was glad my presentation came together, along with my group.

What I Learn about my Blog Topic

Over the past few weeks, I learned a lot about collaboration and co- authorship. Before this module I never really knew about this topic. I actually didn’t even really know that there was all kinds of collaboration tools.  I thought co- authorship was someone wrote something mainly and someone else added their input. My idea of what collaboration and co- authorship were, is completely different than what it is. 

I learned that co-authorship is a collaborator or multiple authors. By researching for my presentation I learned even more on collaboration. I had no idea that co- authorship and collaboration was such a big deal in today’s society. I had no idea there was so many ways for be collaborative. I had no idea that people actually steal people’s work, too.  I learned that plagiarism is a big deal in co- authorship, also.

My presentation really opened up my eyes to co- authorship and collaboration. There are so many ways in which people can use technology to collaborate on their work. I thought Google Docs was cool and then I saw all the different examples we have for collaboration. All of those examples such as, 37 Signals, Zoho Wiki, and Apple Works were all so interesting to me. I honestly didn’t know what any of those examples were. I had to research on all of them in order to find out what they are. I never even heard of them. People should start to use those sources more often since they are such a great tool!

It’s crazy how technology has brought the ability  for co- authors to be able to collaborate in the way they do in today’s society. In the article, ” Becoming Screen Literate,” Kevin Kelly states, ” When technology shifts, it bends the culture. ” I think Kelly proves a good point here. He means when a new technology comes out, everybody’s culture changes and they use that technology. In reference to co- authorship and collaboration, there are many internet sources that I have previously stated that allow co- authorship and collaboration with many technologies. This amazes me!



One response to “Pecha Kucha What?

  1. I totally agree with you that I really had no idea how important collaboration and co-authorship was until we did our project together! I’m happy that we decided to do this topic instead of doing something that we already knew about because its always good to learn new things for our future. Talking about Google Docs, it’s sad to say that I just heard about it taking this class. I really had no idea that Google had a program set up that people can collaborate from their own computer and work off the same document. That was pretty cool to know about so the next project I do I can use it! I believe our Pecha Kucha project came together nicely and I’m glad we worked together 🙂

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