When we first received the twitter assignment, I didn’t think it was going to be a difficult assignment. I have my own personal twitter that I use to communicate with my friends and use it daily. I tweet several times a day. I know the social network very well. It sounded pretty easy to tweet three times a day to me until working two jobs and finals came along. I did end up keeping up with it, but I had to constantly remind myself to tweet.

The first part of this assignment was to live tweet while you were reading the articles that were assigned for this module. By knowing I had to tweet about the articles I was reading it made me read them more thoroughly. While I was reading them I would always be thinking about what I wanted to tweet about to share with my fellow twitter followers. The hard part of this was when I was done reading I wanted to share at least 10-15 thoughts of my own. Twitter only allows you up to 140 characters, therefore I wasn’t able to share everything I wanted to with all my twitter followers. Although, live tweeting allowed me to interact more with the texts and see what my other classmates were saying about the articles and assignments in class, it was restricting me in saying all I wanted to say. This made me pick out the most important aspect of the article, which helped me become a better reader, though.

Here is a few examples of the lives tweets from this module:


The second part of this assignment was to chose one person in my professional field out side of this class, who I retweeted or replied to. The twitter I chose to discuss is World Education. World Education always was tweeting interesting information about the education field. I would read their tweets everyday. World Education follows people who advocate education such as, teachers, education majors, etc.

Last week I was scrolling through tweets to retweet, basically so I would be done my twitter job for the day, I came across a very sad statistic on World Education’s twitter. The statistic read that 1 in 10 children lack a basic primary education. This statistic absolutely broke my heart, being I’m going to school to be a teacher. I decided to write to World Education, even though I didn’t expect a reply back. I wrote to them explaining how the statistic was upsetting to me and I hope that teachers and soon to be teachers like me can drastically change that. A few hours later, I was walking to class and I received an e-mail notification that World Education had replied to my tweet. The tweet read, ” With more people like you on board, advocating for #education, I’m sure that we can – together!” This put the BIGGEST smile on my face. I was so excited that they wrote back to me and the nice comment that had written back to me.

This twitter assignment opened up my eyes on how I can use twitter in a whole new way. I’m used to just using twitter with my friends posting silly things and socialize. This assignment showed me that I can use twitter to communicate with the people in my job field or even use it communicate with homework!


4 responses to “#TFWF13

  1. I really like your response to twitter. The assignment was more difficult than I would have thought too! I think it’s great that World Education responded to you! I think this post really helps to illustrate that twitter can be more that a social media. It was well written.

  2. I so agree with you! I thought tweeting everyday would be a piece of cake since I do it all the time. Unfortunately, it wasn’t for me and I didn’t get to live tweet as much as I wanted to!

  3. I so agree with you! I thought it would be so much easier to tweet all the time I do it most of the time on my own. Unfortunately, it was harder than I expected and I was unable to live tweet as much as
    I could have.

  4. I totally agree with you that I thought it was going to be easy to keep and easily remember to tweet three times a day. Well we were both wrong! If I were you with TWO jobs on top of all our school work plus this module, I would have been very surprised if I was able to stay on track. But from reading all of your blogs that you have posted you definitely know how to be a good student and being on track! It was pretty cool that the twitter assignment was to tweet our thoughts about the articles that we had to read for the week. It gave me ideas of what other were thinking and it made it better for me to understand some of the tricky articles we had to read. I also followed World Education and they definitely tweet interesting things that all education majors and teachers should know about! Hopefully after this module is over we can follow each other on out personal twitter account 🙂

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