How Companies Learn Your Secrets

Have you every wondered how your favorite store knows what your looking for? The ads you get fit you just perfectly? When I first saw the title of this article I knew it was going to be an interesting read. I was a little curious as to how companies knew are secrets,too! I wanted to know what secrets they were talking about, too! When I first starting reading this, I thought the way they found out about us was something like they track us through what we buy on THEIR credit card. I always thought that is another reason why they advertise it so much, too.

As I began to read and saw that they were interested in converting a pregnant women into buying everything at target because it would be easier for her. I had to admit it was a little weird how they brought it up in the text though, ““If we wanted to figure out if a customer is pregnant, even if she didn’t want us to know, can you do that? ”I found that a little weird and creepy. I understand how parents of newborns are easy targets to get them to buy everything at target, though. Life is hard for new parents, the less they have to do the better.

As I read more and more into the statistics of how Target and other stores got our information it started to bother me. It really scared me that they are able track everything you do through a guest id! I understand something like that could find what you shop a lot for. What shocked me was that it has all your demographic information. For example, my age, marital status, where i live, how far I live, estimated salary, WHAT CREDIT CARDs I CARRY. This is all crazy to me.

In reading all this has the consumer world become a little too involved in people’s life. Maybe a little too much in their private life. I feel like I have no privacy in this world now, if a store knows all this about me. I feel very uncomfortable going shopping now, this article kind of scared me away from shopping. I can’t stop shopping, though. Every time I go in Target now I am going to be thinking, if an associate approaches me, they think I’m pregnant. Which makes me feel uncomfortable. I guess after reading this article it was eye opening and a lesson learned! 


3 responses to “How Companies Learn Your Secrets

  1. This is very true! When I was in Switzerland, all of the ads that I saw on Facebook changed into Swiss products and stores! This really changed my idea of advertising because stores and websites are really tracking everything that you do. It’s a good sales tactic for them I think, but it truly is really scary. We really don’t have any privacy anymore.

  2. This is so scary to think about – not only do you have to worry about potential employers checking your every social networking account and google chrome tracking your every movement, now you have to be aware of everyone and everything around you on the internet. Its not even like you can completely erase a mistake if you wanted to. eep!

  3. This is really scary. I never really noticed it until after reading this article than I began to think.When I was leaving for college Target sent me all types of ads for school supplies and apartment decorations. I just thought it was a coincidence until now! They had been “stalking” me and knew I was leaving for college that fall!! Crazy!

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