I have always had a personal twitter account which i faithfully tweet on daily. Of course, these tweets are no where near professional. I use this twitter more as a way of communicating with my friends and seeing what’s new with everyone around me. Basically, just for recreational purposes. When we were given the twitter assignment in class i figured it wouldn’t be a problem for me since i’m already a regular tweeter; I was so wrong thinking this. There were two parts to this assignment: Part one was live tweeting our readings we were given and part two was tweeting three times a day with one being a retweet or reply to a professional that we follow. It doesn’t sound too difficult but between finals, massive amounts of homework and projects, it was much harder than imagined.

The first part of the assignment was much easier to me than the second however. It allowed me to see opinions of peers on the readings as well as voice mine through my tweets. It was actually cool to see how others related to or responded to each of the readings given. The only struggle i really did have was that it took a good amount of time to read through each reading to tweet about each. Then once the reading was completed, i was limited to 140 characters to voice how i felt about that reading. However, it made me think more about what was most important to say rather than just rambling on about nonsense in my tweets.

The second part of the twitter assignment was extremely confusing to me. It involved following a bunch of professionals and reply or retweeting to at least one of them a day on top of live tweeting our readings. I was nervous about completing this part because I’ve never followed anyone i didn’t know of my personal twitter, or even retweeted or replied to someone that was unfamiliar. I began to follow many professionals that dealt with education and to my surprise, i began to get follow backs. It was crazy to think that other teachers from all over the country were follow me, a Rowan University student. I didn’t have as much trouble as i thought i would retweeting these professionals, but replying to them made me feel so uncomfortable. I had no idea what to expect out of it but to my surprise one professional actually replied back!

It’s not exactly the most meaningful reply back, but the fact that a true professional teacher with at least 2,500 followers responded to me is absolutely amazing. Overall, the twitter assignment was a huge learning experience for me. I was not the best tweeter in the world and i had trouble talking to other professionals, but in the end it gave me a new and improved outlook on the site. I hope that in the future i can continue to follow other professionals and it will benefit me in my career later in life.



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