Am I a Facebook addict?

On November 28, 2013 I officially gave up my Facebook privileges for a week. Although a week does not seem too drastic, it was much harder than i expected it to be. To start off, I’m not your typical Facebook user. I don’t post statuses, pictures, etc. every day like a normal person would. I guess you could consider me the cyber stalker type. As much as i hate to admit that, i know it’s true. When I watched the video of Noah and his girlfriend breaking up, I swear it had more of an effect on me because Noah is practically me. I will sit there for hours on end peering into the lives of other over the internet and feel completely okay with doing so. Is this a problem? 

Before my week without Facebook, i would have said of course not. Facebook gives me the allowance to “see what others are up too” or “protect myself from getting hurt by others by stalking them on their Facebook”. After I had to pull myself away from this situation, I was able to realize how crazy these ideas actually are. These habits that i’ve formed have effected me in ways i never thought were possible. Every time i couldn’t think of something to say or respond to in a face to face conversation, i would look down at my phone to glance at Facebook real quick. When the option was not there for me to do so this time, I was lost. I had been forced to actually have a face to face conversation with another person, and was forced to deal with any “awkward moments” that came my way.

Now I can’t lie, i DID open Facebook more than once throughout the week. I know i shouldn’t have, but how could I have gone from an active user or “cyber stalker” as i would say, to a complete non user. The idea seemed impossible, and i guess i proved it impossible to myself. I know that going on Facebook when i was not supposed to was weak and not the right thing to do, but i accept the fact that i was not perfect. Integrity is about being honest with yourself and others. I knew what i signed up for when i took the challenge to delete it, but i was not prepared for the difficulty of the task.

As the week came to an end, I did find myself thinking less and less about clicking on my little Facebook app on my phone. I had by then drilled it in my head that it was the wrong thing to do to re open it and i would be going against my word once again. I’m not sure if i’ll ever completely deactivate my Facebook one day, but i hope to lessen the amount of time that i spend using it. In a way i can see how it is bringing me down and causing me to do things i wouldn’t have done if i had not been on there in the first place.

Mark Zuckerberg may have made millions creating and finding Facebook, but did he also destroy the social lives of millions in the process?  



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