An anthropological introduction to YouTube

The YouTube video, “An anthropological Introduction to YouTube,” was one of the most interesting videos I have ever watched. There was so many tiny facts in them that I never knew. Just by watching the first two or three minutes of the 55 minute video I was shocked by some of the statistics or facts that were shared.

There was a quote in the beginning of the video that I found it was crazy to be said in today’s society. I can’t believe someone said this. The quote was read by Stephen Weiswasser of ABC, ” You aren’t going to turn passive consumers into active trollers on the Internet.” I thought to myself, “who would ever think that? “The internet is everything today. I know this was said years before the internet, but everyone knew that is where we heading with technology and the future way before it happened.

One of the first statistics that shocked me was a comparison between ABC and YouTube. The statistic was in 60 years, three networks of ABC produced 1.5 millions hours of programming. YouTube produced more than that in 6 months. That is crazy to me! It’s crazy what the internet and YouTube can do nowadays. 

Another fact that shocked me was about the video we watched earlier in the module, “Web 2.0 is using us.” That video was number one most rated videos watched the same days that popular Superbowl commercials were released that cost millions to produce. The video, “web 2.0 is using us,” cost nothing to produced. Again it’s amazing what the internet can do.

The video then brings us to the question, ” What is on YouTube?” The video begins to explain that home videos are the most common YouTube videos. It explains this by showing the popular YouTube video, ” Ouch Charlie” This video had 30 million views at the time this video was produced. I remember watching that Youtube video and laughing so hard. In fact, I still say, “Ouch Charlie!” all the time! Another thing that is on YouTube is remakes of other videos. The video continues to show us several remakes of the YouTube video, “Ouch Charlie.”

The next fact is the one that shocked me the most and was the most inspirational to me. It was about the popular rap song/dance, ” Soulja Boy!”. I remember being in high school trying to do this dance with literally everyone! Everyone wanted to be able to do that dance. What I didn’t know was that the person who created the Soulja Boy dance, Diondre Cortez, uploaded his video to YoutTube in April of 2007. The video obviously went viral, as we know. Cortez was signed to a major label by August of 2007. This blew my mind. I never knew that. It’s so inspirational ( and crazy!) that he was signed by a major label record by simply uploading his video to YouTube. 

Another aspect this video talks about is webcams and how they’re strange and contradict themselves. Your alone while you make this video, but your potentially sharing the video with the world. The video end with a very touching story. It’s about a user named bnessel1972, who lost a son to sids in 2007. YouTube allowed him to create videos where he created characters, these characters allowed him to escape from the pain or express what he was feeling. This was therapy for him.. YouTube helped him get through a rough patch in his life. It brought life back in his life. He quotes, “This website, this community helped bring me to life again, there’s something special about that. ” I agree with him there is something special about that. A community of online users helped him get his life back on track and they don’t even know him. The internet allowed that to happen.

Overall, there is just so much in this video that inspired, shocked , of I found crazy. YouTube and the internet have come a long way in a short time and what they can do is astonishing. The main point to this whole point is simply said in there,” When media changes, human relationships change.” This video shows this completely.


2 responses to “An anthropological introduction to YouTube

  1. Haha Soulja Boy! Brings back so many memories. To think that was 2007 and we are almost in 2014..7 years later is just crazy. Interesting though, like you said he uploaded the video to youtube and before you knew it everyone was doing it and he was a household name. The internet is truly amazing like you said. Youtube allows life’s little moments to go viral.

  2. I also found this video just as interesting as you did! It’s amazing how some videos become viral in an instant. For example, this video “Charlie Bit Me” ( was filmed in London and made it’s way all the way to United States. The best part about it is that it has over 2 million views. With that being said, people have to be careful with the things they post on Youtube. Anything can become viral with a blink of an eye.

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