Identity 2.0

In the video ‘Identity 2.0′, Dick Hardt discusses what it is that he thinks comprises a person’s identity in today’s world. He gives examples such as things he likes, things he does, where he works, and where he lives. He talks about the way identity evolved, going from simply word of mouth to documented credibility backed by trustworthy sources, such as the government. What I am most interested in, however, is how what we make factors into our identity.

Hardt acknowledges that what we like is part of our identity- he references his own favorite sports teams and preferred car brands. But what about things we create? In my own personal opinion, I think the things we choose to create, whether it be music, written word, art, or any other form of creative media, are absolutely a part of who we are.

That being said, in the nature of this blog, it is necessary to consider collaborative works. Whose identity do they belong to? Are they an equal part of all the participants? And how do you separate each author from the others?

Referencing back to the video, Hardt suggests that nowadays identity must be backed by a credible source. Does the same apply to created works? In order for them to be considered a part of your identity, do you have to have a credible source stating that you were responsible for its creation? If identity is based solely on others’ concepts of you, then I would say the answer would be yes. But does identity not also involve your own idea of yourself?

This can get especially convoluted when the digital world is involved, because it so easy to create so many ideas of yourself within the Internet. So where is the boundary where true and perceptive identities begin and end?


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