A week without Facebook.

It’s official. I have made it a whole week with out Facebook.. sort of. Last Thursday, I decided to start my week of torture of not being able to use Facebook. This assignment was very difficult for me to complete. I go on Facebook every chance I get. Most of the time, I go on Facebook unknowingly, it’s almost a habit.

Every morning when I wake up the first thing I do is grab my phone and check Facebook. That seems crazy, right? This past week every morning when I woke up was difficult for me because I wanted to go on Facebook. I would grab my phone and get to the app button and realize I can’t go on Facebook. Also, getting several notifications from people on Facebook was the biggest tease. After class on Tuesday, I realized by getting those notifications it is actually being on Facebook. It’s crazy how you are always connected to social networks.

This assignment has made me realize how attached I am to Facebook. I felt was literally going insane. This assignment was very hard for me. I’m going to confess I did go on Facebook a few times. I actually had to go on a few times just ease my mind. Another reason I had to go on was because my cousins had their baby and I NEEDED to see pictures of their baby. This made me realize how I use Facebook to communicate with people. If I didn’t have Facebook, I would loose touch with a lot of people that I talk to regularly on Facebook. I talk to a lot of my friends on Facebook on a regular basis. I’m in college, all my friends are at other colleges across the country.

With in mind that I am going to be a teacher one day and a student at a University, I make my Facebook very private. I am unsearchable.  Also, I don’t put anything on Facebook that I wouldn’t want everybody to see. Your Facebook is a representation of yourself, you should only put on there what you want everyone to see.

Although this assignment taught me a lot, I will never go a week without Facebook ever again!


One response to “A week without Facebook.

  1. I felt the same exact way not having it for an entire week. It seems so crazy to think that a social network can almost take control over you, but it really does impact us greatly. I also couldn’t help but click on Facebook more than once over the course of the week, but it was only to stop myself from thinking about it. The way i look at it is, we can lie and say that we stayed away from this social network the entire week, or we could be honest with ourselves and accept that we make mistakes. We sign up for things we don’t know the true depth of, and we sure did not know the true depth of this assignment. Facebook is not always a bad thing, but the negative effects and addiction it’s given us are not exactly amazing.

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