The Internet, The Self, Authorship, and Plagiarism

” It’s common sense: Students plagiarize because of the Internet, right? Like much of common sense, this truism is both right and wrong.”  This is the first sentence of the article I found to blog about this week, it is titled  ” The Internet, the Self, Authorship and Plagiarism.” The first sentence hooked me to continue reading. The article talks about how the internet, self, and authorship all play a big part on plagiarism. I found it interesting on how the article turned them all around what the common person thinks.

The article starts out by talking about how the internet is a huge contributor of plagiarism, but not how we think. The author talks about instead of teaching plagiarism, people need to know in which ways the internet and other technologies have changed thinking. For example, the scholars who use these technologies and what they think about authorship if so is plagiarism what we think?. The author talks about ways in which technology affects human interaction.  Authorship is an important aspect of plagiarism. If you don’t know who the author is and what they even wrote about are you plagiarizing? People do share same ideas even if they never even read or knew the person.

Another part of plagiarism that is important is the self. The article states,” One might ask: If the self is multiple is it more variable?” The article describes how self can be exposed in technology. It is shown in various ways in technology as such as, screen names, user names, and e-mail. If you have the same or similar screen, user name, or e-mail as someone else is that plagiarizing, even if you don’t know them?

I think this article gave great insight to a whole different view on plagiarism that I never even looked at. Plagiarism is always looked at as, you copied and posted or said something very similar to what the author said. Plagiarism is so set and stone in students heads as copying and pasting that they don’t know everything about. This article opens up that view for students. I was very interested in learning this new outlook on plagiarism.


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