As We May Think

In the article, As We May Think, Bush discusses the detection of new results are not the end results. Modern Science is always changing. Dr. Bush thinks there should be a new way of thinking in the relationship of people’s full potential of knowledge of technology. This is where Bush starts to talk about the memex. The memex in which Bush envisioned is a device where people can compress and store all of their books, records, and communications.

Bush wants the memex to make things more efficient. The memex will be a desk with screen and buttons where an individual can look for a variety of books, pick one, and look through it on screen like its a real book. The memex will allow for many books to be opened at the same time. The memex will allow whole library just at a desk. You can pull up any information with just a stroke of a key.

The basis of this articles deals with science and research and how to efficiently tell us what we have with science. All the research and science topics deal with the future of writing. One of Bush’s main points is that the ability to share information quickly is not just on scientist but, to everyone. There is always modifications that can be made to new technologies. Bush says,

“A record if it is to be useful to science, must be continuously extended, it must be stored, and above all it must be consulted. Today we make the record conventionally by writing and photography, followed by printing; but we also record on film, on wax disks, and on magnetic wires. Even if utterly new recording procedures do not appear, these present ones are certainly in the process of modification and extension.”

This states that things are always changing even when the new way or product are out for example, cameras.

I think this article brings out a good point. We think that the new technology that is out when it is the popular thing or when it first launches, but in reality that is when scientist are working on improving or modifying that technology already. This is a main reason why writing and photography are always changing.

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3 responses to “As We May Think

  1. While the memex is an outstanding idea, I can’t bring myself to enjoy something like that. When i am researching, I like to be able to physically manipulate my materials. I want to be able to draw on, sticky note, and highlight physically and flip through the pages to find information. I guess I am old fashioned, but it is how my mind adapted to researching. While technology offers us many more advanced ways of researching, I still enjoy our old ones. Becoming a teacher and teaching these technological advances will be my biggest challenge as they are something unfamiliar to me.

  2. Although the memex sounds like a new and interesting idea to technology, i can’t help but hate it. What happened to old fashion research where you go and get a PRINTED book, highlight, take notes, etc. and actually capture the information you need into your brain. It may just be the way i grew up researching and writing, but the thought of not being able to read my text in my hand sounds terrible. Having a library at your fingertips is great, but part of the adventure in a library to me is exploring through it. How do we gain outside knowledge if we have everything we already need at our fingertips? I know in the future i’ll have to change and adapt to the way my students use technology, but for now, i’ll stick to my old fashioned ways.

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